We are leading Supplier for various types of Telecom Copper cables as per customer requirements; generally complying with TEC/IRS/ IEC/ BT /BS Specification.

  • PE/FS Insulated Jelly Filled Telephone Underground Cables up to 2400 pairs(Armoured and Un armoured):
  • Switch Board – Indoor/Outdoor Cables up to 200pairs (Shielded/Unshielded)
  • Self supporting Aerial Cables – Fig 8 up to 200pairs (Jelly Filled and Dry)
  • Networking Cables CAT-5e, CAT-6 -for Indoor & Outdoor Application; generally complying with TIA/EIA Specifications.
  • Co-axial Cables- High frequency signal transmission
  • Instrumentation Cables (Screened/Unscreened/Braided)
  • Hybrid Telecom Cables: As per customer requirements