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We are awarded as channel partners for MINISTRY OF NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY (MNRE) GOVT. OF INDIA  and GUJARAT ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (GEDA) under the Grid Connected Rooftop and Solar Power Plants Programme

GUJARAT ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (GEDA) is implementing a scheme of subsidy for grid connected residential rooftop solar plants; we as a channel partner assigned to design the system for your loving home with all accessories and equipment supply, install, commissioning and maintain for 5 years with replacement warranty against manufacturing defect as per OEM ;further to include obtaining necessary approvals from GEDA, concern DISCOM and Chief Electrical Inspector (CEI) for residential rooftop solar system @ 69000/- per KW, this rate is exclusive of fees/charges such as GEDA application registration fee, security deposit and connection charges to DISCOM office shall be extra.

Gujarat govt is allowing to private residential user to installed solar PV rooftop system having capacity ceiling up to 100% of the sanctioned load specified in their electric bill.

The Gujarat govt (GEDA) is giving subsidy @Rs 10000/- per KW with ceiling of Rs 20000/-

The Central Govt (MNRE) is giving subsidy @30% of the total cost of the system (i.e Rs 20700/- per Kw which is 30% of Rs 69000/-) the same will be reimbursed upon successful commissioning of the system through us.

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