We are a leading supplier for various types of Optical fibre cables, which are designed to meet TEC/ IEC, EIA/TIA, and other International standards. We have the requisite capabilities to provide customized Optical Fibre Cables as per the customer’s specifications.The following types of products are offered by us:

  • Multimode and Single Mode Fibre Cable
  • Duct cable- UNIT Tube/ MULTI Tube construction
  • Direct Burial Cable- Armoured cables (corrugated Steel Tape/Wire Armoured)
  • ADSS type aerial cable
  • Metallic Figure 8 self supporting cable
  • Simplex/ Duplex Cable (Patch cord)
  • Cord Cable
  • Terminated quick deployable cable with hermaphroditic connectors
  • FTTH Cable.
  • CTV Cables-Cost Effective Designs:as per customer requirements
  • Hybrid Optical Fiber Cable as per the customer’s specifications
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