Self Supporting Aerial Cables

With a focus on the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we are supplying a wide assortment of Self Supporting Aerial Cables. We manufacture an aerial cable or air cable that is an insulated cable usually containing all conductors required for an electrical transmission system or a telecommunication line, which is suspended between utility poles or electricity pylons. We manufacture these cables with no danger of electric shock when touching them and there is no requirement for mounting them with insulators on pylons and poles.

Self Supporting Aerial Cables manufactured by our company are mostly used for telecommunication systems or for power transmissions with voltages below 1000 volts. Our Jelly Filled and Dry Aerial Cables are used for various broadband applications. Also these cables ensure high degree of stability of supply voltage and better conductivity. These cables are designed to be light weight but also strong enough to be installed between support towers. The cables must also withstand strain of the natural elements, for example wind and rain.